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December 22, 2009

How Do I Get Him Back?

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Tandra, our pastry chef, just appeared on KATV, local channel 7, this morning. She shared her fanciful and fun recipe for Hot Chocolate Dunkers. These dunkers are a unique way to make hot chocolate. They’re way better than instant powder and freeze-dried marshmallows mixed with boiling water!

And speaking of marshmallows, you’ll also find Tandra’s recipe for homemade marshmallows below. Not only are they an integral part of the dunkers recipe, but they also are often found in some of the desserts Tandra creates for Ashley’s.

This recipe makes 12 dunkers. While it’s a little more time consuming than instant cocoa, it’s lots more special to share.

2 cups (475g) good quality dark chocolate (do not use chocolate chips)

Prepared marshmallows, recipe below

Hors d’oeuvres picks

Mini muffin tin or silicone mold

Half and half

For the dunkers:

Fill the bottom of a sauce pan with water and bring it to a boil. Turn down the heat to low and place the chocolate in a heat-proof bowl and place it on top of the pot. Make sure that the water in the pot does not touch the bottom of the bowl. The steam will melt the chocolate gently. Stir regularly to help the chocolate melt.

Once it is melted, take the bowl off the pot and allow it to sit for a few minutes. Meanwhile, place the picks in the marshmallows.

Before pouring the chocolate into the mold, stir the chocolate slowly for one minute. Pour the chocolate into the muffin molds 95% of the way up. Place the skewered marshmallow into the chocolate, but do not press all the way down. Repeat with the remaining marshmallows. Place the mold in the refrigerator for 20 minutes and then pop them out of the mold.

For the drink:

Heat half a cup of half and half in a saucepan and pour into tea cup, dunk the chocolate/marshmallow into it and stir it around until the chocolate is melted and mixed into the milk.

And here’s the marshmallow recipe:

3 envelopes of unflavored Knox gelatin

½ cup cold water, divided

2 cups granulated sugar

2/3 cup corn syrup

¼ cup water

¼ tsp salt

Flavoring of your choice: vanilla, orange zest, crushed peppermint candies, cardamom, cinnamon

Confectioner’s sugar for dredging

In the bowl of an electric mixer, add the gelatin over ½ cup of cold water and allow it to soak for 10 minutes.

Line a 9x9” pan with parchment or wax paper and spray with vegetable spray, set aside.

Meanwhile, combine the sugar, corn syrup, and ¼ cup of water in a saucepan. Bring it to a boil and allow it to boil hard for 1 minute. Pour the boiling syrup over the gelatin in the mixing bowl and mix on high speed with the whip attachment. Add the salt and continue to beat for 7 minutes. Add the flavoring and allow it to be incorporated into the mixture.

Spray a spatula with some of the vegetable spray and scrape the marshmallow into the prepared pan. Pat it down so that it is even, and then allow it to set for 2 hours.

Tap the marshmallow out of the pan and remove the parchment paper. Using scissors or a cutter, cut the marshmallow into pieces and dredge in some confectioner’s sugar.

These drinks would be a lovely addition to the menu of your next holiday tea or open house. Or give the dunkers as gifts — you can see in the picture that Tandra’s wrapped them in cellophane and bows. But they’re also a great way for the kids (or the young-at-heart) in your family to have fun making marshmallows and REAL hot chocolate!

We’ll be posting Tandra’s holiday cookie recipe that she also shared on the show in just a bit.

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